Beau Snider has been playing drums and piano before he got interested in the DJ scene.
When he was 18 years old he also discovered the art of mixing as a DJ and performed at some local DJ events to great success. He realised that this was just the start to future development and he launched his artist name ‘Beau Di Angelo’. This name comes from his full name ‘Beau diangelo Snider’.

Only 3 months in his career he was booked for the NYE 2012 event. Over a 1000 people enjoyed his performance! The experience made him think that it would be even more exciting if they went crazy on his own produced tracks!

He subsequently cut down on local bookings to concentrate on his development as an artist and musical composer. In May 2014 he released his first own track with Lexxmatiq and this set it all off.

Beau has an certain attitude about making music, he knows about the technical rules about making records for sure, but he is definitely not interested in typical genre rules, he just simply makes what sounds good for him and what makes his sound stand out in the genres he produces.
You will not see Beau make only one genre, Beau is going for that club vibe and will produce many different genres, to get the crowd crazy.

Supported by:
Diplo, Sidney Samson, Ookay, Tomsize, TWRK, Dj Benzi, Goshfather & Jinco, Lady Bee,
Diplo and Friends, Trapcity, Trap and Bass, All Trap Music, Run The Trap, TRAP-EDM.com and more.